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Providing a number of Health Supplements with our Medicines, Pharmaceutical Tablets,  Pharmaceutical Capsules, and Syrups..

About Us

Our fitness have become rampant in the world today where we require health supplement to stay healthy and fit. Their has been a dire need for increasing the availability of health additives in order to make the body capable to fight with minor issues and remain fit from inside. We, Glorious Lifesciences, were established in 2016 keeping this rising demand for quality health supplements and with an aim to keep the body nourished for as many people as possible. We are a Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Tablets, etc Aspacar Tablets, Modalert Tablets, Zedvita Syrup and various medicinal Tablets, Capsules and Liquids. Our Albucel Human Albumin tablet is widely used in the treatment of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia and Acute hypovolaemic shock. The 26 qualified, experienced professionals employed with us have aided us in achieving an annual turnover running into INR 1 Crores within the very first year of operations, we believe we have successfully established our foundations and are on the path to success in our domain.

Our Strengths

We have been cultivating our strengths and mitigating our shortcomings in order to realize our vision to become one of the most preferred and trusted companies in the market. Some of our strengths and unique selling points are as follows:
  • Our medicines are made using the highest quality raw compounds and are subjected to a series of extensive tests before being cleared for use.
  • We offer a range of medical drugs under a single roof, which has provided our clients with a one stop shop for a number of their requirements.
  • The medicines we manufacture are offered at reasonable prices which coupled with their effectiveness not only makes them more desirable but also increases their reach to all sections of the society.
Helping Alleviate Weakness And Making the Body Healthier

Health has become a commonplace in today's world due to environmental pollution and new strains of more resistive stress causing organisms becoming prominent. The advances made in medical sciences have allowed for the development of drugs that are able to counter the effects of strain and pressure caused by such organisms. Our offered range of health supplements help people in maintaining balance and stay healthier from within.